I was scrolling through my Facebook feed last night and I stumbled across a story about a girl who lost her entire family in an apartment fire this year. Her name is Safyre Terry and she's an eight-year-old girl from New York. She managed to escaped the fire but she has severe burns all over her body.

All she wants for Christmas are Christmas Cards from people from around the world to put on her card tree! She lost her entire family and all she wants are cards!

This story absolutely touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes! At 9 p.m. last night I went to Walgreen's and picked up Christmas cards. I usually don't send out cards--but, after reading her story, I couldn't resist!

This little girl has lost so much this year in more ways than any of us will ever know. It's definitely worth five minutes of your time to write her a little note to help bring some cheer into her life!

If you want to send her a letter like I did, here's the address;

Safyre Terry
P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306