Last week Wednesday, I got my wisdom teeth removed, and took a few days off from radio for the healing (dying) process. Find out how things are going for me after seven days.

On 10.05.16, I had three wisdom teeth removed from my skull at 0900 hours. I was in and out of the dental office within an hour. Thankfully, I woke up without any "interesting" side effects from the drugs and anesthesia. My mother brought me to the pharmacy to get the narcotics, and I was home. It has officially been a week since the horrific event, and this is how I'm doing:

Yesterday was the first day I felt like I could actually talk and sound somewhat normal. I was also able to avoid the "good pain meds" until about 7pm last night. Now, on day seven, I have yet to take a narcotic, and seem to be pressing on fine with just ibuprofen. Still, it's a lot of ibuprofen.

Last night I also attempted to eat Mexican food, which I consider to be my first "real meal" since the surgery. I was able to gum down a delicious burrito, so it was definitely worth the risk. Let's see how lunch and dinner go for me today!

Honestly I cannot wait until I can fully yawn again. Or smile. Or blow my nose. But, I know I probably have another seven days until I am back to 100% functioning order. Even though I am still on antibiotics and still have holes in my face, I am going to attempt lifting weights again for the first time since last Tuesday. I am sure it will be fine, and I am actually betting I will feel a whole lot better getting those juices flowing!

Wish me luck!