My husband Dave and I have a few friends who opt to send out family newsletters instead of Christmas cards. It's fun to read about what some of our friends from out of town have been up to.

But, we've got one friend in particular who lives fairly close to us and we never see or talk to anymore--but, for some reason we're still on their Christmas card list. They always use their family newsletter as a humble brag opportunity to inform us of what awesome things they've been up to that year.

It's like; 'Look at the new house we have! We're still so in love! Check out how great and perfect our kids are. Did you see the new vehicle we just got? Look at how popular we are on social media! We're so amazing at our jobs. Our kids are little geniuses who should basically be in college by the time they're 7. I've got a side hustle that's popular internationally and brings in more money than my regular job (which I won't leave because I just love showing up to work everyday)...and this list goes on and on.

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Now, I totally get that people are not trying to highlight the negative aspects of their lives in their holiday newsletter...but, some things I think are just tacky to put in your letter (we don't need to know you got a new car, or just ordered a new bedroom set). At some point, it becomes a little much. In my opinion, Newsletters should get you caught up on the big stuff (life events) that happened. They should be short and to the point. If you have so many things going on in your life, pick a few you'd like to share and then end it. They should make you seem humble and grateful. And, they should be more about what you wish for your friends and family in the coming year.

Now, maybe you totally love getting humble brag newsletters. Take our poll question below!

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