I remember as a child having a penpal in France through a school project. I was so excited to have this connection across the world, that I sent them two or three letters; but eventually the returns stopped coming, and I've often wondered if they sent me something in the mail and I didn't receive it, or if they perhaps never received my last letter?

Which brings me to this amazing story of the lost Minnesota Christmas card.

Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash
Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

A woman named Lisa Sherwood opened her mailbox a few weeks ago, and was confused as to what she found inside. A Christmas card that she had sent to her friend, way back in 2002.

Lisa's Christmas Card mysteriously appeared in her mailbox, and was marked "RETURN TO SENDER."

She had mailed the card to a friend who lived in Bloomington about 20 years ago.

The postmark date was December 6th, 2002 and it had a 37 cent stamp on it. It was postmarked from the Minneapolis post office, so she knows that it made it as far as Minneapolis, but wonders where it's been hiding all these years!

Lisa has been exchanging cards with her friend Tracy Logelin since high school, and neither one of them really thought much about it. Lisa assumed the card made it to Tracy, and Tracy assumed that Lisa must not have sent cards out that year!


No one really knows where the card has been the whole time. The Post Office said that many people buy old unmailed cards like this online and then mail them, while some suspect that the card was probably just hiding under a file cabinet, and was found and mailed once people swept under the cabinet.

Regardless, Lisa had a good time looking at the photos that she had sent her friend back then, as her kids were 3 and 6, and are now 24 and 27.


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