Bryden Giving of Big Lake, and his mother, Michelle Messer, got more than anticipated when they attended a taping of "Ellen".

Bryden had wrote Ellen a letter explaining that he and his mother had a hard time a few years ago when he came out to her as gay. His mom Michelle was concerned that people wouldn't accept him, but was very supportive and loved him through it all, because she was such a fan of Ellen and her show. Ellen read the letter on her show during the taping and even invited Bryden and Michelle to meet her!


Sitting on the couch Michelle explained to Ellen that it wasn't hard to accept that her son was gay, she was just more worried about "society, and the hoops he would have to go through". Like any mom, she was concerned with her son's well-being and just wanted the best for him.

Bryden said he struggled with telling someone about his sexuality for 4-5 years, but he was from the small town of Big Lake and it wasn't deemed as "normal".

Michelle went on to say that telling her father, Don, is what made her the most nervous because it was a topic they had never really talked about. When she finally did tell him, he gave her a hug and said "I don't care if Bryden is gay, I love Bryden and I love Ellen, I watch Ellen every day!"

Leave it to Ellen to bring Central Minnesota families closer! She then surprised Michelle and Bryden with $10,000 from Shutterfly to go on a fun vacation!

Check out the full interview with Ellen, Bryden, and Michelle below!

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