The world needs more light-hearted stories like this one. In a post to Facebook, the Elk River Police Department shared a handwritten letter they received from one of their youngest citizens:

Dear Policemen/Policewomen,

Thank you for your service, because you all save lives every day, and this world would be even more chaotic than it is if you guys weren't here. All of you do so much for this world, and I know it's been difficult for you guys lately, which just shows how hard your jobs can be. So you need to know that you guys are the bestest ever! (along with firemen/fireomen and ambulence people.)

P.S.: Do police really eat donuts?

Sincerely, Amber

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The police department shared the letter that included a drawing of a police badge, and some colorful stickers. They also answered Amber's question, letting us all know that police do eat donuts, but not as many as the firemen. They also thanked Amber for her kind words of support.

Sometimes the smallest things, like a handwritten letter, makes a world of difference for boosting morale. Just knowing that you have the support of a friend, or even a stranger, can really turn a day around. Let's all take a piece of advice from Amber, and spread some joy, love, and support this week wherever we can.

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