Be careful standing outside around our new $1.1 billion dollar stadium. Those zinc panels that line the entire structure are already becoming loose, posing a danger to those below.

According to the Star Tribune, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority is concerned about the zinc panels becoming loose after only a year, and also about water leaking through the interior walls.

If you have ever passed by the new stadium, you've likely seen people constantly working on the outside panels of the building. The zinc panels are becoming very loose, especially in areas that wind normally blows harder in the direction of the stadium. There was a storm that passed through Minneapolis last year and cause a bunch of the panels to flap loose. Authorities are concerned about the health and safety of visitors to the stadium.

There's also the continuing problem of water leaking through to the inside walls that could require a major re-build of entire wall sections. There's also the issue of icicles to address before winter. This past winter they had to constantly hand-remove icicles that were forming high above the walk areas, with concerns about them falling on top of pedestrians.

I can only hope they fix these issues before we host the Super Bowl in 10 months...

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