It's been quite a while since I had a small child running around. My daughter is grown and has kids of her own now, but there was a time when I was all idealistic -- and had a list of things, "My kids would never do," (behave that way in public, eat junk food, watch too much TV, etc). Funny to look back. What were your 'My Kid Will Nevers?' Did you cave?

  • Amy:  My kids will never have a tantrum in a store.  (Happened.)
  • Cheryl:  My kids will never talk back.  (Go ahead, laugh at me.)
  • Terri:  My Kids won't stop me from living my own life. (hahaha!)
  • Ashley:  I will not get angry with my children.  (Yep, caved!)
  • Joan:  My Kids' rooms will NEVER look like that.  (WRONG.)

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