Spend any amount of time with a dad from Minnesota and you are bound to hear one of these phrases. Strap on a crisp white pair of New Balance sneakers and read the 10 things all Minnesota dads day!

1. "Why did you pay good money for jeans that have holes in them?"

It's called fashion, dad.

2. "Go ask your mother"

Used when the dad doesn't want to answer a tricky question like a child asking to go do something with friends.

3. "Are you checking the oil in that car?"

To be fair, I probably wouldn't check it as often if my dad didn't constantly remind me.

4. "Hi Hungry, I'm Dad"

Said in response to "Dad, I'm hungry". Other lame dad jokes included.


5. "Who took the clicker?"

This one comes out when a dad cant find the remote for the TV. I've seen dads take it to the extreme of zip tieing remotes to a piece of 2x4 in order to never lose them.

6. "Do you pay the bills around here?"

This one goes hand-in-hand with "Don't touch the thermostat", and "Close the door, I'm not trying to cool off the whole neighborhood".

7. "Don't tell your mother"

This one slips out when dad and the kid are doing something mom wouldn't necessarily approve of.

8. "When I was your age..."

Usually followed up with how he was working 40 hours a week and still finding time to attend middle school and be on the football team.

9. "That's a hike"

This phrase is used to describe a car ride longer than 2.5 hours.

10. "I'm not sleeping, I'm resting my eyes"

He's totally sleeping.


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