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Head lice showing up at home is that never-ending scourge/problem that parents face ALL THE TIME. Last year my wife & I got to delouse the kids enough times to consider stock in lice combs.

If you're like me, just mentioning/reading the word 'lice' makes my head itch. Sorry.

With Halloween fast approaching, many parents will be taking their kids costume shopping. And aside from the stress of finding a costume that fits while making your kid happy without igniting your wallet, there's another looming threat.

Kids getting head lice from the costumes.

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When shopping for clothes, you make your child try it on first, right? Gotsta make sure it fits! Same goes for Halloween costumes. By the time you and Junior pick one out, it could've been tried on several times...and not everyone has impeccable hygiene.

Mud Madness
...wut? (Charles McQuillan)

There are a few precautions you can take to prevent getting tricked with lice this Halloween.

1) Make them wear a shower/swim cap while trying on costumes. Look ridiculous? Maybe. Better than getting head lice? YES!

2) Take your newly-purchased costume and seal it up in a plastic bag. Lice won't survive for more than a few days in the bag. HOWEVER, if there are lice eggs on the costume, they can survive for much longer. Sealing the costume in a plastic bag for two weeks should take care of the eggs, too.

3) Before wearing the costume, put it in the dryer for 45 minutes on high. That should kill any lice. Just make sure the costume can't melt, because that presents a whole new set of problems.

We may be homeless, but at least we're lice-free! (Getty Images)
We may be homeless, but at least we're lice-free! (Getty Images)


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