As a one-time stepfather, I've been threatened by an unruly child that they'll call the cops if I take away *whatever-toy-of-the-week*. Good times.

Of course, my response was always, "Go ahead!" They never did.

I've heard stories of kids actually calling the cops for being disciplined by their parents. For the record: I'm not talking about child abuse. I'm talking about disciplining (grounded, toys taken away, 5 minutes in the corner, whatever). The stories have always ended with the police reminding the kids that what their parents are doing isn't abuse, and to basically suck it up.


A Michigan woman was not as fortunate.

Jodie May took away her teen daughter's cell phone after the little sh*t kid got in trouble at school. Standard procedure, right? Slacking off at school gets your most prized possession (that you didn't buy) taken away. Cut-and-dry.


May's ex-husband - obviously NOT a douche - called the police and reported the punishment as theft, claiming that he owned the phone since he gave it to their daughter for Christmas.

Dude...that's not exactly how gifts work...

May was arrested - the day before Mother's Day - while nursing her 4-week-old baby. She offered to turn herself in that Monday, but was denied and immediately arrested. She was released on a $200 bond two hours later.

Just a few minutes into the trial, it was announced that the phone was - in fact - a gift, a therefor belonged to the daughter (a minor). The case was immediately dismissed and May's record wiped clean.


H/T: ABC 7

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