Anytime my faith in humanity is restored, it's immediately snuffed out by stories like this.

You've heard of "Helicopter Parents" that 'hover' over their kids, or "Tiger Moms" that 'roar' at their kids...well, now we have "Lawnmower Parents" dooming our future!



The Lawnmower Parent will go to great lengths to shield their soon-to-be-brats from any kind of struggle, failure, or adversity. Ya know, s**t that actually teaches kids something about Life.

The term "Lawnmower Parent" refers to the jerk that "mows down" an obstacle (even if it's a person) that might inconvenience the future-jerk kid.

The kid is thirsty and hates fountain water? The Lawnmower Parent will leave work to bring the picky drinker bottled water.

Of course this is terrible parenting disguised as concerned parenting. Kids need to be disappointed. They need to be inconvenienced. They need to learn how to overcome obstacles before they become adults and wreck society.

Lawnmower Parents. Making life sickeningly easy for their kids and danging society's future, today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

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