We now have a nice, even, 80 organs in our bodies. It was 79 until a controversial "new" organ was discovered.

How does this happen? Haven't there been billions of cadavers to explore?

Science says, "Pssshht. Hold my beaker."

Ladies, gentlemen, and those undecided: the interstitium.

Big Sneeze

Gesundheit! (Getty Images)


Scientific Reports describes the organ as, "...a series of interconnected, fluid-filled compartments found throughout the body."

We're full of sacks!

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

"Me too!" ~ Jared Allen (Getty Images)

Body nerds say that the interstitium could act like "shock absorbers" for parts of the body, as they can compress and expand.

That reminds me...I need new interstitiums for my car.

England Cricket X

"Buh-dum, tsh. Dad joke!" (Getty Images)

Good news about the odd discovery: it could lead to better understanding of how/why cancer spreads through the body. Yeah!

Yeah, science!

So here's to another organ discovery, one that soothes obsessive-compulsive disorder sufferers, giving the human body 80 organs.

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