Can we just agree to call this subject done? The back-and-forth on this is just annoying.

It's time for another round of "That Bad Habit Isn't So Bad!", where new studies likely funded by lobbyists turn everything you knew about something upside-down!

Here is the latest from some branch of "science" that argues in favor of some (but not all) of our bad habits.


#1: Breakfastless
Just call it "fasting" and you're golden! Too poor for breakfast? You're fasting! Oversleep by 6 hours? You're fasting in your sleep!

#2: Eggcellent!
Ermehgerrrrd! Cholesterrerrrrl! Despite being high in cholesterol, eggs are even higher in good stuff, man. Don't bother forsaking the yolks, either. Just eat the egg.

#3: Twitbookagram
Social media is the devil! It disconnects us! Or it doesn't! Psychologists are convinced that creeping your ex scrolling through Facebook isn't bad for the vast majority of folks. The rest just end up serial killers. *Editor's Note: this is an unsubstantiated claim and doesn't reflect the opinions of Townsquare Media or the facts of life...the facts of life...


#4: Covfefe
Unless you're in California - where everything gives you cancer - drinking coffee will reduce your risk of cancer, boost heart health, and possibly make you less of a jerk. Unless you're in California, where you'll be a dead jerk if you drink coffee. *Editor's Note: seriously, this is ridiculous

#5: Mini Comas
I don't call it a nap, I call it a mini coma. I've napped through tornadoes, so napping is an extreme sport for me. And taking a nap doesn't make you lazy. If you can't get 14 hours of sleep every night like I used to (ah, them 20s...), naps will do you good. Tell your boss that Ned said a nap is a-ok.

#6: Wonderful Whino!
We're talking moderation here. Chugging a bottle of wine everyday will probably negate any health benefits. Actually, chugging a bottle of wine everyday will probably crush any health benefits. Keep it to a glass or two.

John Hutton

Two glasses per it... (Getty Images)


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