Because someone asked, "What's the worst that could happen?"

Mad scientists from Carnegie Mellon University (the Fightin' Mellons!) and the University of Washington supposedly connected the brains of three willing folk, and they were able to communicate with each other.

Without even seeing or speaking, they were able to communicate with each other.


Ready for the name of the thingy they used to accomplish this? It's...the BrainNet.

Sounds like a hairnet...but for your brain!

Hair Net
...does that even work?! (Getty Images)

Ready for tech talk? The BrainNet uses thingies called electroencephalograms and transcranial magnetic stimulation (yes, I had to copy-and-paste those). They then played ('scuse me...were tasked with) a Tetris-like game where each person was essentially one part of what would be the game (task) controller: one person controlled how the blocks fell, and the other two told Player One how the blocks need to be rotated.

The Labour Party Hold Their Annual Party Conference
Like this, but with 3 people silently arguing (Getty Images)

Things only got weird from there. A "brain-to-brain interface"? That's some cinematic gold/reality apocalypse kinda stuff right there!

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