Did you know that scientists briefly thought that we were freakin' LOSING GRAVITY?!

Specifically, they thought that gravity might be leaking into other universal dimensions. Sci-fi-licious!



Gravity is apparently a lot weaker than other "fundamental forces" of the universe, and the professional brainiacs can't figure out why.

Can't we just ask The Doctor?

Tom Bakers
Ask all of them! Getty Images

That's heavy.

Perhaps I just don't understand the gravity of this situation.

Think I need to relax with a hot cup of gravi tea.

I've read books on anti-gravity and always found them hard to put down.

I've fallen for gravity far too many times.

Gravity may suck, but it's the law.

I'll show myself out in a bit. Gravity really is a downer.

Scientists suspected that gravity was leaking into dimensions unknown to us puny humans (we know about four dimensions: three of space and one of time). Leaking like some kind of cosmic booger...but itsnot.

Instead, they found that there's likely NO additional dimensions. There's still String Theory, but I'm not plucking that right now.

I'mma grab some string cheese and show myself out, now...

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