As if I needed still another excuse to be lazy. Maybe I was born with it...


Fellers of a field called biopsychology used technology to figure out if there's something in our brains that makes us lazy. 'Gists (biopsychologists) from Ruhr-University in Germany (where I'm pretty sure being lazy is a capital offense*) brain-scanned some humans and found two brain parts that control our ability to self-control and to control our emotions (I guess that's different from self-control).

Laziness is all about the size and connectivity, baby!

All Too Much
Hey, it's exhausting rocking a handlebar mustache!* (Getty Images)

The size and connectivity of those two brain parts mentioned above determines whether or not we're slackers. Procrastinators have a bigger amygdala than the doers of the world, while those showoffs are better-connected between their amygdala and dorsal ACC.

For the laymen (slackers) of the world: this means that the doers are better at managing distractions, while the rest of us see distractions as attractions.

And now you know!

And knowing is half the battle! (Getty Images)
And knowing is half the battle! (Getty Images)


* - no, it isn't


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