I ran to Sam's Club last night on my way home from work because I needed to grab pull-ups for my toddler. Of course, I can never just grab the one thing I set out to buy because I'm a weak human. Eventually, I ended up browsing for things I knew I didn't need up and down every aisle--nothing is ever a quick trip at Sam's Club.

I somehow made my way through the entire store and stood in the checkout line before I noticed CHRISTMAS STUFF for sale. I was so conflicted.

First, I was totally disgusted because we haven't even celebrated LABOR DAY yet. Let that one settle in for a second.

But, then I really wanted to get out of line and run over to the Christmas display and start filling my cart, because, you know...CHRISTMAS STUFF.

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I resisted because the line was long and there were several people behind me. But, wow...Christmas stuff for sale already? Now, that's a mood.

From my vantage point, I could see a giant light up snowman, glittery reindeer and so. many. Christmas. treats. Some of my favorite Christmas cookies were just sitting their saying, "Ashli, we missed you, girl. Come over here and enjoy us!"

"NO! I can't", I thought to myself. I mean, what would my husband say? I'd never hear the end of that one. So, I bought my pull-ups (how exciting) and left the store.

I think this year, I might break my own rule of not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving because I need extra cheer in my life this year. #ThanksCOVID.

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