Are we so desperate for 2020 to be over that Halloween is coming extra early?

I'm kinda thinking that is the case because I don't remember Halloween candy and costumes being out this early ever before. In the past I've always noticed it show up in stores after my birthday (August 9th). That's about the time that the school supply area starts clearing out to make way for treats and spooks.

This year everything is upside down and backwards so why wouldn't we be jumping the gun on the Halloween season? School ended weirdly this past Spring, and with one day left to go in July, the government finally put a plan in place for what it will look like come fall. It makes sense that stores weren't too concerned with fresh notebooks and instead filled the gaps with fun-sized Kit Kats.

The main stores I've seen be extra ready for this upcoming "spooky season" are Walmart and Sam's Club. I first noticed the Brach's candy corn display at Walmart on July 22nd, and I saw bags of Halloween candy, pumpkin spice coffee, costumes, and decorative pillows at Sam's Club on July 28th.

Halloween is a holiday all about dressing up as someone else, quoting the 1993 Bette Midler classic Hocus Pocus, and eating sugary snacks. A welcome escape from the craziness this year has served us. An extended Halloween season might be good morale across the board.

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Halloween Started in July at These St. Cloud Stores

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