It's been so hot and dry in central Minnesota, it's hard to think that colder months are in our future. But, they definitely are.

I was doing my weekly grocery shopping on Saturday and had to make sure I had my 'keep cold' bags in the trunk with me to keep my groceries from melting like a snow cone.

I stopped at Sam's Club in Sartell and was making my rounds around the store. I had to do a double take when I got to the endcap of one of the aisle, just past the freezer section.

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I noticed cookie packaging with Christmas trees on them. What?! We haven't even celebrated Labor Day yet. I mean, the Minnesota State Fair hasn't even happened.

There was a giant pallet of 'Carousel Tin Imported Butter Cookies'. Now, I'm not complaining about it at all because those cookies are amazing. But, I couldn't believe I was seeing Christmas products in July.

I've got so many great memories with these cookies on Christmas. My grandma would buy them every year. In fact, she would save these cookie tins and use them to store old family photos and Christmas cards.

I'd always get tricked. When I was a little girl I'd get so excited when I'd see one of these tins at her house, go to open it, and be so let down when it was just filled with a bunch of old family photos. The struggle was real.

But, yes, if you want a taste of Christmas in July you can get it at Sam's Club in Sartell. You'll get 4 pounds of Jacobsens Danish Butter Cookies for $11.98.


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