When I say I'm "thinking of getting a new car for summer", this is what I mean.

I was shopping at Sam's Club over the weekend and couldn't help but notice the gigantic pink inflatable car hanging from the rafters. I fell in love with this thing. Mind you, I went into Sam's Club looking for office supplies and chicken breasts, not a floating car. But boy was I tempted to bring this bad boy home with me. Especially with that stimulus check sitting in my pocket, begging to do some economy stimulating.

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This hot pink car has seating for 6 people, 2 built-in coolers, 6 cupholders, a quick release safety valve, and is made of heavy-duty PVC making it super durable. The middle part has a mesh bottom for keeping your feet cool, and the hood and trunk areas are set up for sunbathing. But I think the crown jewel of the car is the fact that the license place can be customized.

I'm just imagining the looks on my lake neighbors' faces when I float by the end of their dock this summer in my pink cruiser without a care in the world. All I need is a floppy cat, some cat-eye glasses, and a 50's style bathing suit to really complete the ~*vibe*~. I love this thing. Just seeing it hanging from the ceiling at Sam's Club has me so ready for summer 2021. Someone take my credit card from me before I go and drop $200 on this.

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