I have been putting off a trip to Sam's Club for over a month now. There were things my house needed and I have been putting it off. Push came to shove on Monday and I just needed to go do a big run and get it over with.

The main thing I needed was chicken. Sam's always has a great price on chicken breasts, and our freezer was totally out. So I masked up and made a straight shot back to the meat department. There was plenty of chicken, but it hadn't been sorted into meat trays like it usually was. The chicken breasts were left in their original bags they were shipped in, and by the price tag was a big yellow sign that said "Limit of One". That sign was posted over most meat coolers.

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Meat isn't the only item with a limit at Sam's Club. I needed cleaning products and those were being limited, as well as some dry breakfast items. I'm sure there were more items being limited, but those were the three that I saw when I was shopping for my list. I was trying to move through the building as quickly as possible and didn't feel like wandering the rest of the store for fun, hunting down yellow "limiting" signs.

With reports of a potential meat shortage linked to COVID-19 these limits make sense. Look at how people acted with toilet paper.

Another thing I noticed while shopping is how the Sam's Club team was operating. They were all very cautious of their proximity to shoppers and other employees, and it was the best example of employee social distancing I have seen yet. It made me feel more confident shopping there, and proud to be a member.

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