Never before have I scene so many people coming out online posting there opinion on whatever it is your writing about. Are staff apoligizes for this if it ofends you.

I'm sure by now you can guess what this open letter is about. If not then you may be one of those culprits that gets me annoyed when reading social media posts online.

This has nothing to do with the people who prefer to use short form words like "BRB", or "SMH". I get're (notice I used that correctly) likely on a mobile device and most everybody gets what it means. I'm talking about another issue that has to do with understanding proper grammar and punctuation.

When you post anything on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) your (that was also used correctly!) name and page are linked to it. Why would you make yourself look very unintelligent by not spelling correctly, using punctuation, or taking a moment to learn the difference between proper grammar? Most of these websites make it very easy to spell correctly and show you a red squiggly line below misspelled words! Click it and just choose the proper spelling.

What stands out like a sore thumb to me is using the right spelling of words depending if they can be a contraction or not. Examples:

You, you're, your - When using "you're" it's the same thing as saying "you are". The word "your" isn't the same, it stands for possession.


There, their, they're - These words don't have the same meaning at all.

Are, our - Another set of words that sound similar, but have totally different meanings.


I'd like to kindly ask those that don't understand these basics, to take a few days off of social media, get familiar with proper grammar, then come back online and prove yourself. I promise, you'll (again, used properly) make a ton of people happy and save a little face too.

Here's a couple links to help understand some very basics that will quickly help you:

And yes, for the record...I am very aware that the first paragraph is full of typo's. It was intended to be that way for the sake of the open letter.

Barry Allen

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