Pandemic or not, this is revolting.

I was working out at Sta-Fit Midtown a couple of weeks ago and as I was bending down to pick up a pair of dumbells, I looked at the bench next to me only to be met by a wad of bright blue chewed gum.

First of all, eww. Second of all, why?

Let's pretend for a minute that we aren't going through a pandemic where the disease is caused by the spreading of droplets of saliva and mucous. Who in their right mind sticks chewed gum to publicly used gym equipment? What's the plan here, do your reps and pop it back into your mouth?

Now back to reality where COVID-19 is a thing. There is an excess of cleaning stations set up at the gym. There are garbage cans everywhere, and taking the few steps to walk to one and dispose of your gum shouldn't be an issue. Especially at the gym. Use those few extra steps towards meeting your daily goal.

Also isn't the whole point of going to a gym to maintain health? This chewed gum sticking seems to have the opposite goal.

Gym employees across central Minnesota and the country are working extra hard to maintain cleanliness in order to stay open. Don't make their job harder by sticking your nasty chewed gum to the equipment you don't personally own. The last thing these businesses want is to be shut down again, so let's do our best to have that not happen.

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