How many times have you found something on your kid's Facebook page that you didn't approve of? How many times has it been something that directly slammed you as a parent? This man found a rant by his daughter and took action.

After fixing his daughter's computer, he took the chance to peek around and see what his 15 year old was up to. What he found on her Facebook page was a long rant about how much she does around the house and how much she hates her parents. She goes on to say they should pay her for her services around the house and let the maid take care of cleaning.

We have all said things we don't mean about our parents at one point in time or another but we didn't post it out for the world to see. Let me put it into perspective for our teenagers that might see this. When you post something on Facebook, the whole world sees it right? If you would call into our station, say awful things about your parents, your friends or someone at school and let us put it on the air, put it on your Facebook page. If you wouldn't, don't post it. If you would put it on a billboard on the side of the road for the road to see, or go on camera for the 5 o'clock news to run for the world to see, then post it. I'm betting that you wouldn't put it on the radio, the tv or a billboard, so don't put it on Facebook.

Back in the day, we would go storming off to our bedrooms, slam the door and scream into our pillows the things we wanted to say about our parents. Then we would pick ourselves up and move on. The old saying "Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it" comes to mind.

I'm certainly not sitting here writing this saying I was a great kid. I know I caused my parents a LOT of grief. But I never said anything hurtful about them. I certainly didn't go on rants saying they should pay me for doing chores. I did go to my room and scream a few choice words into my pillow so they couldn't hear, I thought a LOT of things about them and I certainly mumbled some choice phrases to myself - NOT to the world.

This goes for adults too. Before you post something on Facebook, remember that you have to answer for your actions in life. If you post something like this young lady did, you deserve the punishment you are given.

Check out what this guy did as a a punishment to his daughter for her silly, childish rant. You might get an idea for your own punishment!

CAUTION: This video contains some curse words that aren't suitable for younger children. They were written by a bitter 15 year old girl - you can imagine the language she uses. If bad language offends you, please do not watch it. If you can handle it, press play.

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