Xennials got a hot flash of nostalgia on Thanksgiving, when Disney released a teaser trailer for the 'live-action' remake of the absolute classic, "The Lion King".

The visuals are breathtaking. The fact that James Earl Jones returns as Mufasa is pretty dang amazing. I saw that John Oliver is in it. Okay. I like him, but...okay. Beyoncé is in it. Again...okay. Donald Glover is in it. YAAAAASSSS!


Have yerself a watch:

Does that not look fricking-A amazing?! Kudos to the amazing advancement in technology, specifically CGI (computer-generated imagery). It looks so realistic!

But it's not. And to call it 'live-action' is ridiculous.

Now, how can we possibly expect a movie about wild animals to be completely live-action...we can't, right? Disney is magical, but they can't possibly have a country full of trained 'wild' animals ready to act in a movie.

Now, there are plenty of video lists about the worst CGI of all time, and this is the farthest from the worst that you can (currently) possibly get. Instead of trying to call it "live-action", try going full-braggadocio over how realistic the CGI looks...because it looks amazing!

Let's fight over THIS instead of fighting over Black Friday deals.

Are YOU Looking Forward to this Lion King Remake?
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