Want to feel a little festive this weekend between holiday stops? Maybe you want to get out for a little bit, and get away from the family for a few minutes? Dueling Brews in Becker might be the stop for you, as they are offering up a limited new cocktail that is being served out of an ornament!

New cocktail alert! "Deck the Balls"

Titos, house-made cranberry syrup, simple syrup, sour, cranberries & a sprig of rosemary. Served in a smoking Christmas ornament.

This week only!

The cocktail will only be served this week at the Becker bar and restaurant.

I don't think I have ever seen a drink served in an ornament before, so I'm not sure how easy or difficult this would be to pour out, but it is unique.

Since they opened up this year, Dueling Brews has been pushing out creative and fun cocktails, and they found a HIT in their giant Bloody Marys.

As with all limited things in this world, it's not going to be around long, so if this is something that you want to try, you should head on out to Becker sooner rather than later.

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Also, it's good to note this, when Dueling Brews announces and unveils these crafty cocktails people generally all want to try one, so if you arrive at Dueling Brews and it's busy, practice some patience, order an app, and enjoy the time you are spending with who you've come with.

Dueling Brews is located at 14298 Bank St Suite 1 in Becker.

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