As we've entered into the final 10 days before Christmas, you might be struggling with the last of your holiday shopping. Have you ever re-gifted something rather than bought a 'new ' gift for someone? Supposedly Minnesota is a 'hotbed' of re-gifting, coming in at 17 on the list of states that re-gift based on dollar amount.

According to "43% of Minnesotans admit to selling on or gifting unwanted presents, making the size of it's re-gifting economy a whopping $304,203,887."

The state that does the most re-gifting? Rhode Island

According to the survey, the top-5 re-gifting states in the US are:

  1. Rhode Island: 83% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  2. Nevada: 59% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  3. New York: 56% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  4. Arizona: 54% of respondents admitted to regifting.
  5. Utah: 53% of respondents admitted to regifting. recently conducted a study to "determine the national overall and local size of each state’s regifting economy during the festive period. They found that nationally, this festive exchange is worth a staggering $17 billion. 43% percent of respondents admitted to having sold or regifted a present they had received, at an average value of $123."

So why do people re-gift? says the most common reason is financial.

"Nearly half of the participants regift or sell presents for financial reasons, but 44% have accidentally regifted to the original giver, highlighting a risk in this practice."

Personally, if I got a gift that might make someone else I know happy or happier then they are why wouldn't yI want to give it to them? However, I think the right thing to do if you do re-gift something is to let the person who gave you the gift originally know.

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