OK, I'm not a conspiracy theorist but last night's debut episode of season 28 of The Bachelor had me seeing what I believe to be at least one Easter egg that is hinting at where this season is going.

Daisy Kent, a Becker graduate, is on this season of The Bachelor, competing for the affection and love of Joey Graziadei, and I couldn't help but notice at least one feature of the mansion that gave me Minnesota vibes.

I think it's part of the back of the mansion, but going into a commercial break there were these arches lit up purple, and it reminded me of those arches outside of US Bank Stadium, especially before a night game they are also lit up purple.


You can see above the arch I am talking about, and it was in the background of the one-on-one with Daisy and Joey...Now here is the arch from near US Bank Stadium near Chicago Ave.

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

Also, I noticed a LOT of purple and gold during the first episode. I also haven't watched it before, but the first impression rose on a purple and gold-bordered piece of amethyst, and purple lighting was used throughout the set.

Daisy also exhibited some Midwestern values when during her one on one with Joey was more concerned with how he was doing and that she was excited for him knowing that he has so many choices and options.

The best news of the night was that Daisy got a rose from Joey and is moving on to next week, and hopefully, she continues to the end.

You can catch next week's Bachelor on ABC or the next day on Hulu.

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