Can someone please tell Mother Nature that it's August--just kidding! I'm loving this weather. Now that I'm pregnant, I don't like being too warm. I'm thrilled that the temperatures have been pretty steady in the 70's lately.

My air conditioning bill last month was CRAZY high. I like to keep my house at a cool 68 degrees and boy did I pay for it last month. My husband was not thrilled about the bill.

So, we've both challenged ourselves to not turn the AC on at all this week. I can't believe we've actually gone 5 days without AC. And, the craziest thing of all is that I really haven't even noticed.

Since we're not home during the daytime we just make sure that all of the shades are closed to keep out the sun. The second we get home we plug-in a fan in our living room and open the windows up to let in the breeze.

At night, the fans stay on, the bedroom window stays open and it hasn't been a problem. These overnight temperatures really keep the house pretty cool. Last night it got down to about 60 degrees and I was actually a little chilly.

I love saving money! I had no idea I could last this long in August without AC!  How cool do you keep your house in the summer? My husband says 68 degrees is excessive. After receiving our monthly bill, I'm starting to think maybe he's right.

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