Today's weather forecast is calling for temperatures in the 80's--and I'm wearing a jacket and curled up in a blanket. You probably think that's just crazy. Normally, I'd agree with you--but, our building feels like Antarctica. It's 64 degrees in our building, even though it's only 69 degrees outside at this very moment.

No matter what I do, I can't get warm. It's been like this all summer. It's ironic that I'm actually looking forward to winter because I'll actually be warm again. For whatever reason, in the winter, the 98.1 studios are actually about 5-10 degrees warmer. I'm not joking...I'm FREEZING!

I don't think anyone else in the building sympathizes with me either. Sometimes Pete will make fun of me and tell me I look like a grandma knitting a blanket. Nope, I'm just COLD!

Is your office way too cold to function?


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