Yesterday I was telling you about how crazy high my air conditioning bill was for last month. I like to keep my AC set at about 68 degrees in the summer because I like to be able to escape the, the fact that I'm pregnant also plays a part too.

My husband always tells me that it's too cold in the house and I abuse our air conditioning. I thought he was exaggerating until we got the bill for last month. Now I'm starting to think maybe he's right and I'm just spoiled.

I asked you what you typically set your thermostat at in the summertime to see if it's comparable to me. Here are the results...perhaps I can learn to be content with our thermostat running a little warmer than I have been.


I don't use the AC--5%
75-80 degrees--16%
72-74 degrees--39%
69-71 degrees--27%
68 degrees or colder--13%

Some of our Facebook friends had this to say about it;


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