I recently bought a house and it has turned me into an energy saving stickler. It's going to be nearly 90 degrees today and all I can think about is how I don't want to turn on the air conditioning.

If you're like me, you're probably in the same boat. Here are a few ways to help you through your dilemma.

1. Your house will be significantly cooler if you close all of your blinds. Yes, your house will be a lot darker but at least you won't have to turn on the AC. It could save you nearly 7% on your energy bill.

2. Close doors to rooms you're not using. This will keep the cold air from fizzling out throughout your home.

3. Change your sheets on hot days to cotton. Flannel and fleece sheets are great for the winter because they hold in heat. Get cotton sheets and you'll keep yourself a little cooler.

4. Make sure your ceiling fans are rotating counter-clockwise. Your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted multiple times throughout the year. Having your fan rotate counter-clockwise will deliver a "wind chill breeze effect."

5. Worry about keeping yourself cool and not so much the house. If you're keeping hydrated and wearing light and loose clothing it will already make you feel cooler.

6. Use your bathroom fans...or even your exhaust fan in the kitchen. This will pull the hot air that has risen out of your home. Be careful though because you don't want it to take the cold air too.

7. Get rid of Incandescent bulbs. They lose about 90 percent of their energy in the heat.

8. Grill your meals. Try your best to avoid using the oven because this will just heat up your home. Bake treats on cooler days.

9. Open your windows at night. The temperature will get cooler as the sun goes down. Keep your windows open at night and shut them before it starts to get hot during the day time.

10. Make home improvements. Making sure your home is properly insulated will help keep cool air in. Make sure windows are properly sealed. this will help a ton!

All in all, keep in mind that millions of people live through the heat without the AC and have been doing it for centuries. You can do it!

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