We've been dreaming of days like today for months. When it's 40 below zero outside, 90 degree days seem like a fairy tale. I'm definitely not complaining about the weather...but, I am saying that it's too cold inside!

I sit right under the air conditioning unit at work and it's like a winter day inside my office. So, I always make sure to dress for the chilly temps indoors by wearing pants, bringing a jacket and sometimes even an extra blanket with me. All day long my co-workers and I fight over the AC. I turn it off, and they turn it right back on!

I decided to end the battle by just layering up everyday--that all proves challenging once it's time to get into my car to go home. Driving home in pants and long sleeves on a 90 degree day definitely isn't fun. I think mother nature is trying to tell me that I should work outside today.

It's tough being a Minnesotan sometimes. I guess it's true what they say, you can't have your cake and eat it too!

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