Are you a mother-to-be? That means pregnant!

Have you noticed that you can't focus and concentrate, even if you're life depended on it?

You may be one of the majority of pregnant women who suffer from "momnesia."

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...HOW DID I GET HERE?!?! (Getty Images)

Momnesia -- or "baby brain" -- finally has the Science Seal of It's Actually Real, even though most mothers will aggressively let you know that it isn't fake.


Common momnesia symptoms include confusion, forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, and absolute rage at their spouses for no good reason at all I mean SERIOUSLY WHAT DID I DO?!

I may have added that last one in there myself.

The catch is: researchers know that it does happen, but still don't know why it happens.

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One minute you're minding your pregnant business, the next you're FRIGGIN' FREAKY ART (Getty Images)

So don't fret, expectant mothers. If you're more forgetful than usual, blame it on the baby!

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