I will give you one guess, and I am sure you'll get it right. A survey was done to find each state's favorite sitcom from the 1990's, and most of the Midwest region, including Minnesota, chose Friends as their favorite. That show was actually the most popular across the board being the #1 choice in 13 different states. I wasn't surprised at all with Minnesota's choice. My social media sites are full of Friends memes and I even went to a bachelorette party where we played an intense round of Friends trivia. Plus Central MN even has a Central Perk! 


Our neighbors to the east in Wisconsin chose That 70's Show as their favorite, probably because that is where the show takes place. Up to the North West, North Dakotans are fans of Home Improvement with Tim Allen. With all the 90's sitcom revivals going on right now, it would make sense to bring back Friends. It was a crowd favorite across the country, but why fix something that isn't broken? We are perfectly content with watching reruns and forever trying the have the same hairstyle as Rachel Green.

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