There are so many television anniversaries coming up this week!  While I like many of the new shows that are on TV, there are some that I wish had never gone away.

Probably my favorite of all time is Friends.  What's funny about that show is I never really got in to it until the second to last season.  I had a friend come over and we watch reruns and from that point on I was hooked.

You really felt as though you knew all of the characters and could relate to their struggles.  I always wanted Ross and Rachel to end up together and when they finally did in the last episode, I cried.  It was a good finish to the series and you didn't feel like you were left hanging.  There were no lingering questions.



I know they keep saying no to a reunion but I'm not giving up home just yet. I think someday it will happen! What show do you wish would have stayed around on television??

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