I have a deceased high school classmate who's Facebook account is still active. They still get birthday greetings from people who don't realize they've passed away. Intervene?

Most of us have likely seen this pop up on our Facebook news feed and it's a little morbid, angering, and surprising all in the same moment. On your friend's birthday, unknowing friends of theirs saying "Happy birthday, have an awesome day!" or whatever it is, where it's obvious that they have no idea that person passed away.

Facebook doesn't know they died, so their account stays open for years. With people having so many friends on Facebook that they don't know very well, it's not surprising this happens. I know this, but it still ticks me off a little to see. Should I "unfriend/unfollow" that person so I don't see it anymore? Most people still post nice things like "miss you" on their page from time to time, and it's nice to see those.

I've been tempted a few times to private message these people, telling them our mutual friend has passed away, but I just leave it alone and move on. What do you do when you come across this situation?

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