‘Friends’ Coming to Netflix in 2015, Every Episode Will Be There For You
Not to be outdone by HBO's announcement of a standalone streaming service (although totally outdone by Warner Bros.' DC slate), Netflix has picked up a few 'Friends' of its own, 236 to be exact. The streaming service confirms today that all episodes of Monica, Chandler, Joe, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross will be ready to watch in time for New Years' 2015, as announced by Gunther and the Rembrandts.
‘Friends’ Reunion: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Act Out Jimmy Kimmel’s Fan Fiction
Like anyone who lived through the '90s, Jimmy Kimmel loved 'Friends,' but while being a fan of the television staple is wholly understandable, the depth of his affection is, well, perhaps not. Kimmel hosted 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston on his show last night, and while she might have expected to chat about her latest movie, 'Life of Crime,' and share some fun tidbits and anecdotes, the host had other ideas.
NBC’s ‘Go On’ Reunites ‘Friends’ Courtney Cox with Matthew Perry
NBC's 'Go On' might have lost a bit of momentum without 'The Voice' as a lead-in, but the series will gain at least a few more 'Friends' in the comings weeks. Marking 'Go On's first 'Friends' reunion for former star Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox will put Monica and Chandler back together for an upcoming guest appearance. Find out how Courtney Cox will 'Go On' inside!
The Excessive Heat in the 98 Country Studio Makes Me Feel Like Ross [VIDEO]
The current temperature in the 98 Country studio is 956 degrees. Ok, ok that could be slightly dramatic...but just saying "it's hot in here" really doesn't do it justice. It's so hot I could host a Bikram yoga class in here, seriously. To make matters worse, I wore skinny jeans today, and now I feel like Ross on that episode of 'Friends' where he wears leather pants to a girls house... R
Can Men and Women be (Just) Friends? [VIDEO]
Short answer - NO! But this is one of those questions that will be forever debated even though the answer is obvious. You know like who's the better driver? Women, obviously...and yet men continue to debate that one too.
Make New Friends (and Preserve Your Sanity) by Joining ECFE
I signed up for Early Childhood Family Education the week my daughter was born. Heck, I’d never done this parent thing before, I was a stay-at-home mom and I knew I needed help! Well, parenthood turned out to be even tougher than I thought but ECFE was even better than I expected. This week you have an opportunity to learn more about the program.