Not to be outdone by HBO's announcement of a standalone streaming service (although totally outdone by Warner Bros.' DC slate), Netflix has picked up a few 'Friends' of its own, 236 to be exact. The streaming service confirms today that all episodes of Monica, Chandler, Joe, Rachel, Phoebe and Ross will be ready to watch in time for New Years' 2015, as announced by Gunther and the Rembrandts.

Netflix made the announcement with a video set up in a "Central Perk"-looking locale, with TV theme song group The Rembrandts performing their iconic tune. Oh, and James Michael Tyler is there serving coffee as Gunther, looking entirely please for the opportunity, in a scowl-y sort of way.

For details' sake, Netflix confirms that all 10 seasons of the NBC sitcom will be available to stream, beginning January 1, 2015. In the meantime, there's always a myriad of cable choices, your own ubiquitous memory of every scene and catchphrase, or that one guy in your office who always thinks he's the Chandler of the group.

In any case, check out the Netflix's nostalgia-infused announcement video for 'Friends' streaming above, and stick around to see what fresh hell TV and movies wreak on us next today!

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