NBC's 'Go On' might have lost a bit of momentum without 'The Voice' as a lead-in, but the series will gain at least a few more 'Friends' in the comings weeks. Marking 'Go On's first 'Friends' reunion for former star Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox will put Monica and Chandler back together for an upcoming guest appearance. Find out how Courtney Cox will 'Go On' inside!

Well, that certainly didn't take long. Midway through 'Go On's first season, the network is cashing in on former 'Friends' star Matthew Perry's sitcom history by casting former co-star and current 'Cougar Town' lead Courtney Cox to appear in an April episode of the series. For you younger folk, the pair played 'Friends' and eventually husband and wife Chandler Bing and Monica Geller from 1994-2004.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cox will first appear on the series as an unnamed character who Anne (Julie White) befriends and attempts to set up with Perry's character Ryan King. The episode will mark Perry's first on-screen 'Friends' reunion, while Cox has previously joined Lisa Kudrow's Showtime series 'Web Therapy,' and appeared with Jennifer Aniston in both FX's 'Dirt' and 'Cougar Town.'

Well, what say you? Will 'Friends' reunions ever go out of style? Will you tune in to 'Go On' to see Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox together again?

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