It's not too often that you can say that you just spotted an International Space Station, but over the next couple of days, you can make that claim if the weather cooperates and you take some time and simply look up into the night sky!

According to KAAL-TV in Southern Minnesota the times to see the International Space Station aren't too crazy, with the view times taking place in the early evening hours.

According to the post, as long as we have clear skies, which looking at the forecast is probably only should be able to look to the southwest in the night sky and see the space station floating by.

While the space station is a pretty large object, it won't take very long to pass by and be gone for the night. The longest viewing window will be Friday night, pretty early in the evening.

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This could be a great teaching moment for that young adult, or space-crazy kid by taking them out and giving them the chance to see the space station, you never know what fun moment will stick with a kid.

Personally, I love being here in Minnesota where I can easily get away from the bright lights, literally, of the city and in less than an hour be somewhere I can see millions of stars.

When the Northern Lights were dancing a few weekends ago, my wife and I took the pickup, put an air mattress in the bed brought along some pillows and a blanket, and we parked in a field approach and simply laid on the mattress and looked up at the night sky for a few hours. It was just one of those times when you could just get lost in the beauty of the world we live in, and we both did for a few hours.

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