Oooh....wouldn't in be nice? Have someone ELSE clean your house for you? Some people say it's worth the cost.   I can imagine that if you've got little're trying to run them around to special and appointments...that takes all the extra time you have...and more! Maybe having someone keep your house neat and tidy is more affordable that you thought.

Consider this...

HOUSE CLEANING:On average people who clean houses get between $60-$90 an hour and you can hire them for a variety of things: quick touch ups to doing laundry and more. The average cost is about $165.  Sometimes if you hire people on a regular basis you'll get a better rate.

CARPET CLEANING: I didn't know this but experts recommend having your carpets cleaned every two years!  Really? I have my own carpet cleaner, and do it about every two months in busy areas in my house. Steam cleaning is the most recommended...and a good carpet cleaner will leave your floors looking great, with all stains removed. You'll call them again. Cost? About $174.

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Other things you may be considering and their average prices include:

  • Gutter cleaning: $154
  • Dry Vent cleaning: $132
  • Window cleaning: $210
  • Furniture: $160
  • Chimney: $224

You can get more details and more pricing ideas by clicking HERE now.

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