When it comes to your significant other snoring, it's a touchy subject. Some people can sleep through it, while others get zero sleep. How do you handle it?

In my household it's me that snores, and my wife's a light sleeper. Throughout the night she's pushing me on my side, moving my arm, or just straight out telling me to sleep in the other bedroom. Some nights I barely make a sound, other nights I snore loud enough to wake up the neighbors. She hates it and I hate it too.

I've tried everything out there to help stop the snoring - 4 different types of $100 mouthpieces that push your jaw forward, the chin strap that pulls your mouth closed, and even the nose device. None of them work very well for me and I'm thinking the next option I might need to explore is surgery to open the airway. Obviously I don't want to do that cause I work on the radio and wouldn't be able to talk for a couple weeks.

To answer the question you might be asking, yes, I've had a sleep study and I don't have sleep apnea.

Have you had any luck with any anti-snoring solutions on the market? I want to sleep full-time in my own bed and have both of us get a good nights sleep. Anything you can suggest would be a huge help that I'm willing to try!

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