Want to learn the best way to do something? Just ask the military!

Relaxing after a wicked day of talking at a microphone is hard to do. Whiskey doesn't always do the trick, either. It also gets expensive.


A book released in 1981 contains the military's (supposed) secrets to getting to sleep NOW (well...two minutes). Not sure why it's so secretive to get good sleep (wear out the enemy! duh!), but if you're hurting on zzz's, try this.

- That goes for your tongue, jaw, and around your eyes

#2: Drop Them Shoulders
- Drop them as low as they can (comfortably) go, and then relax each arm.

#3: Breathe
- Relax your chest, too. You don't need to flex until tomorrow.

#4: Leg It Out
- Starting with your thighs, then your calves, relax your legs

#5: Picture Your/You're Calm
- Picture your dang fine self somewhere that's tranquil for you. Lying in a mellow field under the stars? Tied up in someone's trunk? I'm not here to judge.

Americans In Australia React To US Election Result
...or at the tail end of a party. Whatevs. (Getty Images)

Still having issues zonking out? Repeat "don't think" over and over in your head until you finally pass out, whether from being relaxed or bored.

Doesn't matter. Got sleep.

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