It's getting colder outside.  Halloween is almost here.  After that we're on the homestretch towards Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and more. It's hard to believe that its that time of the year, but it is.

If you're mailing gifts there's nothing worse then finding out you've missed the deadline and your gift isn't going to make it to the destination on time.  So if you're mailing it through the USPS you may want to jot down the dates that the Post Office recently released so that nothing is late.


HOLIDAY SHIPPING DEADLINES ANNOUNCEMENT Get ready for sending holiday joy on time this year by marking relevant dates on your calendar. We're built for the timely delivery of cards, letters and packages by December 25. See all the deadlines HERE

Within the Lower 48 (excludes Alaska and Hawaii)

  • USPS Ground Advantage — Dec. 16
  • First-Class Mail (including greeting cards) — Dec. 16
  • Priority Mail — Dec. 18
  • Priority Mail Express — Dec. 20

Just a couple years ago my Aunt was sending me a wreath.  I don't know what it cost but I'm going to guess it was in the $20 - $30 dollar range.  I got it and loved it.  I hang it every year now.  But my Aunt later fessed up to me that she was late getting it in the mail and when she did finally mail it, it cost $80 in shipping charges!

A piece of good news from the USPS is that they have announced that they will not have a peak, or demand, surcharge this year.

That's the kind of thing you definitely want to avoid. So be sure to write these dates down.  Maybe put them on the fridge so you don't forget.  USPS always has the Holiday stamps you can buy with Santa Clause, or the Reindeer etc.  But they also have their Winter Woodland Animal Stamps if you want something a little different.


Gear up for winter and the holidays with these whimsical stamps.​ They feature four beloved animals: a fox, rabbit, deer and owl. The #WinterWoodlandAnimalsStamps are yours today at the USPS Website.

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