No judgments.

I spent the weekend at Moondance Jam in Walker to get back into concert festival shape, since Wefest is next freakin' week already (finally?)! Whilst up in Deh Up 'Nort, I was tasked with babysitting Bone*, the morning show mascot from our sister station 103.7 The Loon.

I couldn't just let Bone* lie around like some deadbeat! We had to get him out into the crowd to meet some folks!

At first, Bone* didn't want to go. He begged me to leave him in the RV. He got VERY INSISTENT! 

Ned @ TSM

After a pep talk and a few shots, he finally loosened-up a bit...

Ned @ TSM

I figured since Bone*'s complexion was even more sun-deprived than mine, I'd treat him to an up-close experience on the mainstage. I snapped a selfie before we were kicked out. Look at the smile on his face!

Ned @ TSM

He loved it! He was having such a blast that he wanted to start meeting people!

L-R: Ned, Bernie, Bone* (Ned @ TSM)

I got one last selfie before Bone* took off, ready to party with Jackyl!

Ned @ TSM

Bone* and I appeared in a LOT of selfies with fellow Jammers, so if you happen to see one, let me know!

*No, it's not his real name. I can't post his real name. It's representative of what he is, but not family-friendly, if you know what I mean!