This is 'MERICA! We love our terrible-for-you food! We'd inject trans fats directly to our livers if it was for sale at Walmart.

It's not. I checked.

'Tis the season for eating garbage! Here's a list of what's coming (so far)!

Mmmm...processed meat byproduct! (Getty Images)

The McRib

This one is a "return of the king" product. McDonald's doesn't sell this year round in most places, but it's basically a 'Merican holiday when it returns...for a limited time only!

There's even an app & website to "track" the McRib.

"Will it still bring all the boys to my yard?" (Getty Images)

The Jolly Rancher Milkshake

Carl's Jr (Hardee's around here) is trying a milkshake that is - yes - made with Jolly Ranchers. Got any left over from when Zima made a brief comeback? Neither do I. It's currently being "tested" in Los Angeles and...Birmingham, Alabama? REALLY?!

Where heart attacks are caused by food AND the atmosphere! (Getty Images)

Cheetos Mac-Cheesy Pizza

Need yet another excuse to go to Chuck E Cheese's, even when it's nobody's birthday? The rat is adding Cheetos to their mac-and-cheese pizza...because we're bored with mac-and-cheese pizzas? These will be available through December.

Like these, but GOLD (and not chocolate)! (Getty Images)

Hershey's Gold

It's candy bar from Hershey's that is neither chocolate nor gold. It's "caramelized cream" with peanuts and pretzels. Better wash them down with Goldschläger to make up for the lack of gold in their "gold" bars.

Pictured: most offensive cup. Everrrr. (Getty Images)

Starbucks' Offensive Winter Drinks

Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Eggnog Latte, and some abomination called the Chestnut Praline Latte. Do they roast it over an open fire? No, because that would douse the fire.

What "winter only" food/edible thing are you most looking forward to?

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