No, it doesn't stand for World Championship Wrestling or the Walleye Conservation's only my 2nd ever, public & documented Woman Crush Wednesday! I'm guilty as charged for being a radio personality who makes things rhyme for effect...New Music Monday, #1 Wednesday, Feel Good Fridays...but a rather new event in weekly pop culture is #WomanCrushWednesday or #WCW. Hey, even our night show guy Sam Alex is doing it:

I blame those pesky #hashtags for making this an official subject for the 2010s. Remember when all this was just called guy talk? I really have no serious problem with it I guess, considering I (and most men on earth) have celebrity crushes. For me, my fantasy country loves have changed from time to time, as they eventually go "off the market" :(

  • LeAnn Womack
  • Shania Twain
  • Danielle Peck
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Sara Evans

The young country woman that captured my attention almost 2 months ago was 30-year-old Top 10 American Idol finalist Kristy Lee Cook from the Pacific Northwest. This time around, my #WCW comes straight from a Super Bowl 49 commercial. How about I just let you see it first:

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images
Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Can you believe her dad loved her Carl's Jr. commercial? Yes, ladies...roll your eyes if you want to about how blonde, curvy, etc. she is. I'm just being honest and Charlotte McKinney is fresh-off-the-boat & all-natural! (If that message was lost for you fellas in the commercial :))

This 21-year-old from Orlando, Florida got her big break last year with Guess and now it looks like she has taken the place of the last pretty blonde to cause such a fuss. What's her name? Kate...gosh, I forget now...

Charlotte has opened up in recent interviews around her Super Bowl buzz about battling dyslexia and female bullying in high school. Her future ambitions include more acting, after her small role in the upcoming Joe Dirt 2. Also, she wants to make the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue someday. I know, I know...but don't gag on that spoon so quick, as photos in that little publication have done well for multi-businesswomen Heidi Klum & Kathy Ireland.

We definitely have more to learn about Miss Charlotte McKinney, but I definitely look forward to it. Especially since she said she likes funny guys, and the movie American Sniper. Hey Charlotte, I have a joke book and a few tickets to the Marcus Parkwood 18...yeah?

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