48 hours from now will be the sporting event of the year, every year for almost half a century if you can believe it?! The "Deflatriots" battle the "Seachickens" on Sunday afternoon and I've already made my prediction...but it's not the Vikings (or in my case the 49ers) playing, so who cares? I'd rather watch Charlotte McKinney......in the newest sexy & tasty Carl's Jr. commercial between the football plays!

To Not too shabby with over 6.5 million views in 10 days, right? Have fun with those video game commercials Kate Upton, cause this girl just might be my next pick for Woman Crush Wednesday! Here's my four other favorites that will air during the big game. First it's one of our favorite modern day British action stars, in an unexpected role for "The Perfect Getaway"....

Classic NFL athletes join together for a greatspin on websites with Wix.com's #ItsThatEasy ad.

What does Con-Air's Danny Trejo and Fargo's Steve Buscemi have in common? This Snickers "Brady Bunch" ad.

Do you remember when we found out about the internet? The Today Show does with BMW's "Newfangled Idea"

And Katie & Bryant's outtakes too!

Wanna see more commercials and teasers from this years game? Click Here for the ABC-TV story.

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